directed by Joe Cacaci

The Jet Propulsion Lab Scientist Sara lives on Mars time, spearheading the Mars Rover Expedition, visiting a planet she cannot touch while her daughter, Lis, on earth time, falls under the spell of the cyber-cypher Edgar2330. Director Joe Cacaci and Playwright Jennifer Maisel discuss the reading on the stage of the Mahaiwe.



07/16/2016 12:27am

Every planet have to round in his orbit in our galaxy, otherwise the system of this universe will be disturbed. Here is a nice and interesting post about the system of planets in this universe.

08/24/2016 2:58am

HEY! Great podcast!

06/23/2017 4:56pm

Well, I think your upcoming play is quite challenging Jennifer. Why? It's because science is serious stuff and acting a serious role of a scientist is difficult. You need to look smart, act smart and know things deeply about science and technology. However, I am expecting a successful show. I think you and your team can pull it off. Good luck Jennifer!


Hope soon, in 10 years, people will visit Mars) Hope they will stay there and try to make it good for living)

01/07/2017 6:25pm

I am so impressed with the way you write this story... It's so simple yet can be easily understood.


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