08/27/2015 8:12am

Thank you for an update! the new shows and new fillms excite me, and I'm wishing to be also there and attend the night gala. I just have a little request, can you put more details for this article? How I wish there was a full artile for this so that we, readers can really understand the whole thing about this opening night gala. Thank you!

03/09/2017 1:36am

I bet this event is really a good one! I wish I was able to attend this event. The speakers are really reliable and good. Whoever made this event possible is really superb! Being able to gather these speakers seems really hard. Thank you, anyway, for making this a successful one.

05/03/2017 12:40am

That film (Love Dad) is great! I watched it! And impressed a lot!


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