directed by Joe Cacaci

The Jet Propulsion Lab Scientist Sara lives on Mars time, spearheading the Mars Rover Expedition, visiting a planet she cannot touch while her daughter, Lis, on earth time, falls under the spell of the cyber-cypher Edgar2330. Director Joe Cacaci and Playwright Jennifer Maisel discuss the reading on the stage of the Mahaiwe.

Director Joe Cacaci speaks with playwright Richard Dresser and actors Amy Van Nostrand and Larry Bryggman

"I will come out of this process and I'm going to know two things. I'm going to know what I have to do to this play to take it to the next step and I'm going to have ideas of what the next step is and that telescopes the process down. That saves me months and months of solitary work. There's no substitute for it. "  - Richard Dresser 

           BPL Audio Blast #1. 

                  The Gala

BPL founder Jim Frangione and general manager Ann Garner talk about the upcoming gala on June 7th featuring Elaine May.